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Role of computers and internet has become indispensable in modern times. There is practically no field which has been left out of their influence be it education, sports, media, science, fashion, telecommunication etc. They have not only simplified life in terms of convenient, fast and reliable services. However, there have been some issues of concern which need to be addressed from time to time when in comes to computer and internet technology.

Network maintenance, network security and support services, remote network support and monitoring services etc are some matters of utmost concern which should be catered to by every organization dependent on such technology. Cyber crime is constantly on the rise as a negative outcome of e-business. Multi national corporations not only have to update and upgrade their online business operations with a reliable network security & support services but also procedures related their network maintenance.

Delite ‘s best in breed remote monitoring services providing customers with customized out-tasking services to support the IT Operations within Mid-Sized organizations. The support processes are enabled by Delite's best in class monitoring and reporting platform to proactively identify and resolve incidents and problems before they impact your business. Delite provides remote administrative and support services for selected Mission Critical Application IT Infrastructure, allowing IT Executives to support Service Levels usually available only in large businesses, while allowing their core IT staff to focus on the strategic goals of their business.

Delite takes the day-to-day administrative, and break-fix functions of the IT department, and provides those services remotely. This service is performed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year on a per server/device basis.