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Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are building an agile enterprise platform that reduces cost and complexity while bringing speed and leverage to the organization. This approach includes the use of global communications industry assets, capabilities and experience to ensure existing systems are optimized and integration is managed effectively. This pathway encompasses a proven planning methodology, a transformation road map, and a comprehensive program management. Our innovative and custom-focused solutions help wireline, wireless, broadband and cable service providers redefine their markets with solutions that help them become more agile, reduce fixed operations cost, and introduce next generation services. Our instant access to industry solutions, best in breed technology and resources that know your business well are some differentiators that will set you apart from your competitors. We provide Applications, Business Process Outsourcing, and Infrastructure services in the following segments:

At Delite, we enable our Financial Services clients to not only meet the challenges of the hour but also anticipate changes in the dynamic business environment they operate in. We bring specialized technology solutioning, significant domain depth, and operations improvement capabilities in Banking, Capital Markets, Cards, Payments, and Insurance that deliver sustainable, long-term benefits to our clients.

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