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Industry analysts estimate that up to 80% of R&D budgets are allocated to maintaining legacy products. But, older products are vulnerable to competitive pressures, yielding decreased revenue and margins. Moreover, a lopsided resource allocation to older products significantly limits a company’s ability to work on the next generation of products that could leverage high-growth market opportunities.

With a shrinking product investment window, a firm’s investment in its client base declines and eventually, enterprise clients migrate away due to poor support strategies around non-core products.

So, how can companies buck the trend and focus their energies and investments on new products for long-term market viability and higher R&D returns? How can they counter-balance the shifting investments towards new growth areas so as to prevent clients from forsaking the impacted legacy products, straining relationships and disrupting revenues?

Delite’s Maintenance Service provides a cost-effective way to receive product updates and bug fixes, get technical support, add new products to your license, and manage licenses online. The first year of service is included with new product licenses. You can continue uninterrupted service in subsequent years by renewing your subscription

Delite takes on end-to-end responsibility for selected products and product lines, from full PDLC and support services to sales and operational activities, all aligned against agreed-upon SLAs and using a global delivery model to reduce the cost of operations. Delite’s offering is in sync with industry-recognized SLM best practices that keep programs manageable, drive collaboration across the development process and integrate to downstream applications.