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Disaster Planning & Remote Backup

Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. One can afford to have the data centre situated in a basement but Natural disasters such as floods, fires, and earthquakes, can physically destroy buildings and computers, thereby destroying critical information.

We understand the importance of your data and business information. Also we understand that the traditional disaster recovery solutions are costly and complex and cannot meet the objectives of a business.

Delite disaster recovery plan let businesses recover to any machine, reducing hardware costs and lowering the complexity of maintaining a backup site.

With our proven methodology and experience of implementing the successful disaster recovery plan for many organisations we ensure reliable disaster recovery. Being one of the leading data recovery company, we can help a business recover from the disaster rapidly that too cost effectively.

We have the expertise and proven disaster recovery plan which is required to ensure that critical functions of a business are able to continue in serious adverse circumstances. Traditionally the disaster recovery solutions require duplicating the whole production environment and doubling the cost. Delite can provide rapid and reliable data recovery solutions without requiring identical hardware.

The starting point of our Disaster recovery Plane is preparing a list of all necessary documents and information. We take care of and ensure that confidentiality is not compromised as the documents may contain sensitive information. We than use the automated process of disaster recovery, offsite data backup and hard drive recovery and ensure rapid and cost effective execution of disaster recovery pans.