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Custom Software Development

There is a wide spectrum of domains and technologies where Delite engineers possess expertise. Nevertheless, we clearly understand that it is impossible to be a professional in many areas simultaneously. That is why we decided to concentrate on the following technology domains providing a full spectrum of expert skills.

Java EE Development: Delite provides custom software development services on Java EE platform. More than half of projects we had were based on Java EE and J2EE platforms and for that reason we feel very confident in this technology area.

Microsoft Development: .NET platform is a second major area of specialization for Delite. .NET projects make up approximately 40% of all our projects. In fact, .NET technology is chasing Java quite closely and is in some way more efficient than Java.

Mobile Development: Delite is a leading provider of custom mobile and wireless solutions that use cutting edge technologies and help you make the most of custom applications as in key mobile and wireless technologies