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Financial Services

The credit crisis and subsequent events have changed the Financial Services landscape, possibly forever. Banks are facing pressures on their traditional interest and fee-based revenue streams. Customers are keen to derive the maximum value from their relationships, are more comfortable with newer methods of interacting with banks, and have access to multiple sources of information about competing products and prices. Legislators and regulators across the world have also been making increased oversight and compliance demands. Financial institutions want to transform themselves to become more nimble and react faster to changes in the external environment. These factors have made Financial industries to refocus their efforts on customer relationships and experience, cost reduction, compliance and enterprise-wide risk management.

At Delite, we enable our Financial Services clients to not only meet the challenges of the hour but also anticipate changes in the dynamic business environment they operate in. We bring specialized technology solutioning, significant domain depth, and operations improvement capabilities in Banking, Capital Markets, Cards, Payments, and Insurance that deliver sustainable, long-term benefits to our clients.

Delite has strong capabilities in the following segments:

  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Cards
  • Payments
  • Insurance